Bibliobules Bookish Wonderland 2015: Volunteer SignUp

You’ll find all the necessary details and frequently asked questions along with the signup form to be a Volunteer at our Bookish Wonderland Event.

Volunteer Up Now

Volunteer Basics

Volunteers must be 21+ years of age. Anyone who is chosen to be a Bibliobules Volunteers receives a free admission into the Live Event in which they are volunteering. (Please see our FAQs below for further details.)

Volunteers agree to assist to promote Bibliobules’ Live Event via their social media. Encouraging authors/bloggers to sign up for a Featured Author/Blogger Slot, as well as encourage others to sign up to Volunteer or purchase tickets.

Event Details:

Date: Saturday, Dec. 12, 2015

Location: Pasadena, CA

Time: 1-6pm (PDT) for general admission / 12-1pm for Bibliobules Supports Private Event

Activities: Book signings, food & drink (wine), music & dancing, photo booth, event, photo wall, gifts, giveaways and more

Age Restriction: the event is for attendees who are 21+ in age due to alcohol being served

Volunteer FAQs:

Volunteers' Basic Information.

Everyone who is chosen to be a Volunteer at a Bibliobules Live Event is request to assist with promoting the event online through their social media. If there is a ThunderClap Campaign, or posts shared on our social media accounts, please share them.

You’ll be given access to a private Facebook Group that has the name of the current Bibliobules Live Event in which you are Volunteering. In this group, all posts are to be kept confidential since it is behind the scenes activity about the event. If there is something that can be shared with the general public that is posted in the group, that post will specifically mention that it can be shared with the general public.

Those who are Volunteers will receive recognition from Bibliobules for their participation to assist with the event. This recognition my include, but not be limited to: recognition at the live event when a host or speaker is presenting, a gift for assisting the event, or on our website or social media.

Do not bring in outside solicitation items into the Bibliobules Live Event.

Unless given with prior written consent from Bibliobules, please do not bring in any outside marketing or promotional pieces if you yourself are an author or blogger. You are allowed to bring business cards to connect with people but nothing else. If you want opportunity to connect on a greater level at a Bibliobules Live Event, please sign up for an Author/Blogger Slot when the opportunity is available.

What time am I required to be at the event?

Volunteers will be given specific times from a Bibliobules staff member prior to the event for when to show up to the venue to assist with setup. You may be asked to stay after the time the event ends to assist with packing up. Please note: You’ll have direct access to Bibliobules staff, our contractors, authors and others associated with our industry. You won’t be required to work the entire time, but if assistance is need, we politely request that you make yourself available.

What should I bring to the event?

Just yourself. Dress your best or in accordance to the event’s theme. Most of our events will be dressy. You may bring your cell phone for communication and a device (camera) other than your phone to take photos. Please make sure you dress comfortably; bring an extra pair of shoes or clothes if desired to change in and out of.

Can I bring a guest?

Volunteers are not allowed to bring guests. If anyone wants to attend the event, they must purchase a ticket unless they themselves have been confirmed as a Volunteer as well.

What are some local attractions that I can see while I'm in town?

Please see the main Events Page for details.

How do I get to Pasadena if I'm flying in from outside the state?

If you’re flying into California to attend the event, there are two different airports to fly into.  Bob Hope Airport is the closest and many of the hotels in Pasadena offer a complimentary shuttle if you are a guest.

If you are flying into California via LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), the cheapest route is taking a Fly-Away bus $7 one-way ticket to Union Station (Downtown LA).  Then, take the Gold Line train from Union Station up (North) to Pasadena, CA and get off at the Memorial Park Station.  From Memorial Park Station, you are only one block from the venue for the event.

What are the Volunteer Terms & Conditons?

Please go to our Volunteer Event Terms & Conditions page.

What are the Event Terms & Conditions?

Please go to our Event Terms & Conditions page.

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