Welcome to Bibliobules Author Mentorship Program

To get started, we recommend visiting the Bibliobules AMP Dashboard where you’ll become acquainted with how our training program works.

Each month, usually on a weekly or biweekly basis, new training and support materials are added to the different main categories of our training: Writing, Publishing, Marketing, and Design.  You’ll find videos and quizzes for each section.  Our Miscellaneous section is for material that we feel is beneficial to all self-published authors, but does not quite fit in any of our specific categories of training.  Our Resources section is that, which supplies you with additional training pieces like PDFs, Infographics, Reference Pages, Links, our AMP Member only Blog posts and much more.

You’ll have full access to all materials that are on our site during the length of your subscription, annual and monthly.  Our Annual subscribers will have full access to our training for an entire 12 months whereas our monthly subscribers will get full access on a monthly payment system (if you miss a payment for one month, you won’t be able to see that information, however, you can update your payment information to get it all back.)


During your subscription, should you have any questions about any of the training, the writing industry, or other topics that will help you as an author, please connect with Bibliobules Staff members directly on our Private Facebook Bibliobules AMP Group.  We do our best to respond within 24-48 hours unless it’s a weekend or holiday.  We’ll do our best to answer your questions, but if they require a lot of instruction, we’ll make sure we turn it into a training video.  We strongly suggest connecting with other AMP Members in the Facebook group too.


Writing: tips & tricks, grammar & punctuation, and formatting & structuring.


Publishing: copyrights, licensing, public domain & creative commons, how & where to publish, and tips & tricks.


Marketing: how to market, brand, and advertise.


Design: book teasers & social media images, book covers, and book trailers


Miscellaneous: general tips & tricks that don’t fall under any of our four main categories but we think is very useful.


Resources: blogs, Bibliobules eBooks, infographics and more.

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