Bibliobule is considered a ‘bookish’ word that we found recently and thought that it was a fitting name for our community.  Bibliobule describes an individual who reads too much.  We’ll, since we are a community or authors, readers and bloggers, it only made sense to call ourselves Bibliobules – the plural use of the word.

Bibliobules has been created by authors for authors, readers and book bloggers to be a supportive and informative community on all things pertaining to books.  There are many resources out there on the internet about books; How to self publish?, What’s the latest bookish tool that everyone is talking about? – but that information is scattered all over the place.  We’ve started to create our own go-to resources of information for everyone, a database, – whether you’re a new or seasoned author, a reader who’s interested in hearing about some of the newest indie authors or any of the above type of book people who are looking to connect with a community that supports each other.

Our Resources page is being developed and we’re adding new links weekly.   Our Book page (Genres/Reviews) will be coming soon and will be updated regularly.

Aside from being an online community, Bibliobules decided to also create a Live Event community for authors and readers, especially those who are new to the industry and have to wait up to two years to attend a popular book expo type event.  Also, our Live Events are not your typical book signing event.  We keep our attendance down to under 400 people for a variety of reasons.  We want readers to connect with fellow readers as well as with the authors in a more intimate setting.  All of our events offer time for the authors to sell and autograph books, however, we’ve added the elements of a party to the whole thing.

Our goal is to host a Live Event on a quarterly basis for authors of all genres.  Aside from gaining access to new readers at our Live Event, authors will also be Featured on our website and social media for those events.  Our Live Events are also broadcasted LIVE on Periscope for everyone who is not able to attend.  Please note that we may not be able to stream the entire event from start to finish, but we will share with you as much as we can!

During our Live Events, authors, readers and bloggers get to connect via a social/mixer style party.  Food, drinks, music, games and other cool things are provided.  Each event will have a different theme as well as gifts and giveaways given to everyone who attends the event.

Come join us online and in person!  We look forward to meeting you.

Martha Sweeney
Author & Bibliobules founder

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