Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between AMP Annual and AMP Monthly?

The only difference between AMP Annual and AMP Monthly is your payment to access the AMP Training.  Both provide new training on a monthly basis, but with AMP Annual, you’ll making a single upfront payment for the entire year (12 months) of subscription for $200. Instead of paying for 12 months of training upfront, AMP Monthly is a monthly installment payment plan.  So long as your monthly payment of $25 is received, you’ll have access to the training.

I'm a new to the AMP Training, where should I start?

Once you’ve become a subscriber to the Bibliobules Author Mentorship Program (AMP), we recommend that you visit the AMP Member Dashboard area where you’ll have direct access to training.  If this is your first month, you’ll only have access to that content.  If you’re subscription is in the 5th month of training, you’ll have access to months one, two, three, four and five.

Why is there an asterick (*) next to some links?

Links followed by an Asterick (*) are links to a third party website that is NOT a referral link. Links to third party websites with or without an Asterick (*) may or may not be sources that the Bibliobules team has used in the past and will be explored upon in our AMP membership services.

How do I become a Featured Author or get my books on Bibliobules?

Featured Authors on Bibliobules have participated in one of our Live Events or are a member in good standing with the AMP Training.  Each AMP Annual subscriber will have their published cbook(s) added to Bibliobules within 3 months and will have at least one book featured on our website, blog and social media within 6 months.  Each AMP Monthly subscriber will get up to 3-5 of their books added to the Bibliobules site within 8 months.

If you are an author who is NOT subscribed to the Bibliobules Author Mentorship Program, your book(s) will be listed at some point on our website, but there is no guarantee to when that will happen, however, Featured Authors from our Live Events and authors who are a part of the AMP Advanced membership will be added to our site will receive priority attention over authors of the AMP Basic membership or authors who are just submitting via our book submission link.

What is your refund policy for AMP?

Our basic stance is that we have “a no refund policy”.  We don’t want anyone paying for our service who doesn’t truly want it, so if you contact us within 7 days of your MONTHLY subscription payment, we’ll happily refund your payment.  If you contact us within 15 days of your ANNUAL subscription payment, we’ll happily refund your payment.  If a you decide to cancel your subscription after the 7 or 14 day grace period,MONTLY subscribers will continue to have access to the AMP training for the remainder of the current month while ANNUAL subscribers will continue to have access to the AMP training for the remainder of the yearly subscription.

I completed my order, how do I access the training?

First, are you sure you’re logged in? Ok, good. Did you complete your order within the past 15-20 minutes? If so, please give us a few minutes to receive confirmation from PayPal oand activate your subscription (it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes). Those paying with a credit card through our Proccessing should have instant access once your credit card has been accepted.  Finally, if you’re still having trouble, there is a chance that your order didn’t go through properly. Login to your account and visit the AMP Account Info page . If your subscription status is “Active” or “Processing” you should be good to go. If it is “Pending” that means that your order did not go through. Cancel the “Pending” order, and please try checking out again.

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