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Author FAQs

How do I become a Featured Author?

In order to be a Featured Author on the Bibliobules site, you must have signed up to be a Featured Author for a Bibliobules’ Live Event, are an author with an AMP subscription that is in good standing (must be a AMP Advanced subscriber) or has paid to be featured on our website.

Attend an Event: Please see our Event page for when the next Bibliobules event.
Sign up for AMP: Join the AMP Advanced Subscription.  Each author who subscribes to the AMP Advanced program will be given one (1) free opportunity to be featured on our website, public blog and social media.
Advertise: more information coming soon.

How do I get my book listed on Bibliobules?

All authors who participate as a Featured Author at our Live Events are automatically added to our website.  Authors who sign up for the AMP Advanced program are added as well on a monthly basis.

If you have not paid to be a Featured Author at one of our Live Events or have an AMP Advanced subscription, to have book(s) listed on the Bibliobules site, the book(s) MUST BE submitted by either the Author or the Publisher. If you are an Author or Publisher, please visit our Book Submission page.  Please note,that authors who have participated in our Live Events and/or are subscribed to our AMP Advanced service receive preferential treatment and will be listed on our website first.

How can my book be a Featured Book on Bibliobules?

Featured Books on Bibliobules are books written by authors who have been a Featured Author at one of our Live Events or is an AMP Advanced subscriber.  Other books may be randomly selected based on a certain holiday or celebration and is at the sole discretion of Bibliobules.

I'm an Indie Author, will you add my book to Bilbiobules?

We featured both Self-Published and Traditionally Published books and authors on Bibliobules.  Please see above as to how to get your book(s) added to Bibliobules.

I'm a new author, where do I start with publishing?

We recommend becoming a part of our community and subscribing to either our AMP Basic or AMP Advanced monthly membership.  Bibliobules  only make suggestions via our AMP Basic and AMP Advanced services as to how to publish your book and all the different components that are involved including author branding, marketing, advertising and so much more.

It is best that you do want feels best to you.  With that said, Bibliobules strives to provide informative how-to videos, ebooks and blogs specifically about the publishing process to help you make your decision as to what type of publishing works best for you as a writer.  As an AMP subscriber, you’ll have direct access to our team to have your questions answered directly either via an email, blog post or video.

How do I recommend a Blogger?

If a Blogger has done more to support you and other Authors (more than just read and review your book), then please contact us on our About page to recommend them.  Please state the reason(s) as to WHY this Blogger should be given special recognition.  Biblioubules will then reach out to the Blogger to verify who they are and their information.  Please do not refer more than one Blogger at a time in your correspondence with us.  Bibliobules has the sole right to either feature or not feature recommended bloggers.

Blogger FAQs

How do I become a Featured Blogger?


In order to be a Featured Blogger on the Bibliobules site, you must have signed up to be a Featured Blogger for a Bibliobules’ Live Event, are a blogger who is currently a subscriber to our AMP Basic or AMP Advanced services, or have worked directly with Bibliobules for certain promotional opportunities.  Bibliobules is happy to connect with and promote book bloggers (large and small).  We are more than happy to connect with those who promote authors and review on at least a monthly basis, posting reviews not only on your website but also on platforms such as, and other book sites.


How are some Bloggers featured when they weren't at one of your events?


The bloggers who are featured on Bibliobules who were not a Featured Blogger at one of our Live Events are a Blogger who has been recommended by an Author.  These Authors suggested for us to feature these particular Bloggers because the Bloggers went beyond just reading and writing a review for that Author’s book(s) and their level of support within the book community.


Reader/General FAQs

What kind of books do you feature on Bibliobules?

We featured both Self-Published and Traditionally Published books and authors on Bibliobules.  Bibliobules does not discriminate against any type of genre.

Why did you create Bibliobules?

Bibliobules was created to support authors, bloggers and readers in a positive community both online and through live events.  We are authors ourselves and want to strengthen our reach and influence in the book community, hoping to lead by example with positive support in all forms.  We have created our Author Mentorship Program (AMP) to be able to answer all of the questions we receive from fellow authors (known and unknown) as well as provided additional information and resources to aid in their writing success and growth.

We believe that all authors should receive support and encourage as they strive to make their dreams come true with their writing.  We hope to guide and support to the best of our ability while leading with positivity and leaving each person we interact with with a sense of confidence and accomplishment.

How often do you have live events?

Currently, Bibliobules is hosting one (1) Live Event per year, but our dream is to be able to host 3 different events annually and potentially internationally.

How often do you add new books to Bibliobules?

After our first initial batch of books are added to the Bibliobules site, we will be adding more on a weekly or monthly basis to the best of our ability while we strive to provide excellent services to our AMP subscribers.  Books that are at the top of the list are authors who have attending our Live Events and are members of our AMP Advanced membership.

How are books listed under your book section?

Every book is listed under their appropriate/suggested genre(s).  Many books are listed under multiple genres due to the content and style of their story.  Please note that some books, e.i. Erotica, Thriller, will show up under various categories.  Those books will be marked on their book page stating if there is questionable content for some readers (sex, violence, etc.).

From our drop down menu, you will see several main genres.  To find a specific genre that may not be listed in the drop down menu, please click on All Genres.

All books are listed alphabetically on a single page that can be found in our dropdown menu above entitled All Books on All Books on Bibliobules A-Z A-Z.

Why do you use Affiliate links?

Other than our Author Mentorship Program (AMP), Bibliobules is a community that wants to provide information that is either free or as low cost as possible to the reader and book community.  We are a business and there are some expenses that we do incur.  The use of Affiliate links aids to keep our monthly membership subscription service fees low while providing optimal videos, ebooks and blogs as resources to our paying members as well as providing specific funding for our Live Events to make them unique and unlike any other book signing event.  Most links to purchase a book are affiliate based links.

Most links to purchase a book are affiliate based links.  All links listed on our Author Links page in the AMP Advanced subscription are marked with an asterisk (*) are non-affiliate links.

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