Bibliobules is thrilled to announce it’s Author Mentorship Program!™ This will be YOUR online resource for everything you’ll ever NEED for writing, editing, formatting, publishing and marketing – regardless of what type of writer you are (fiction or non-fiction).

One ANNUAL package will be available, giving you instant access to videos, blogs, resources, and tools to help YOU be a SUCCESSFUL self-published author.  New monthly training and updates are automatically added to your subscription.

AMP Pre-Launch Special starts May 9, 2016, you’ll be able to enroll in AMP before our official launch on June 6, 2016.  From May 9th through June 5th, you’ll be able to get 10% OFF your subscription.

One-Time Payment: $425 (a one-time payment) – Save $75-175 from monthly payment plan options

5 Month Payment Plan: $100/month for 5 months ($500 total)

12 Month Payment Plan: $50//month for 12 months ($600 total)


What are the benefits of AMP?

  • For Authors of ANY Genre
  • for Fiction, Non-Fiction & Poetry Writers
  • eBook, print & audiobook production
  • NEW videos/blogs EVERY month
  • UPDATED industry trends, tricks & tips EVERY month
  • Your book(s) listed in the Bibliobules Book Section
  • One of your Soon-to-be-Released books spotlighted on Bibliobules (website/blog/social media)
  • Chance to WIN a FREE table at an upcoming Bibliobules Live Event
  • Early Bird information on upcoming Bibliobules Events
  • Monthly Newsletter Special mentions to readers, bloggers and fellow authors
  • Author Business Basics
  • Self-Publishing Business Basics
  • Marketing/Advertising Business Basics
  • Editing/Formatting Basics
  • Book Cover Design Basics
  • Copyrighting Basics
  • Branding Business Basics
  • Mapping out Book Release Success Basics
  • How and Why to automate
  • Social Media Etiquette
  • Industry Dos and Dont’s
  • When to outsource
  • When and How to diversify your portfolio
  • How to create quality content (storyline & marketing pieces)
  • The POWER of Social Media for authors
  • The POWER of book swag and teasers
  • The POWER of book events (live and online)
  • The POWER of networking
  • Street Team Dos and Don’ts
  • When to approach traditional publishers
  • When to hire an agent
  • Pros and Cons of Traditional Publishing vs Self-Publishing
  • AND so much MORE!

All information will be presented in an easily digestible format using mostly videos but also blogs, infographics and downloadable books and pdfs.  Each monthly you’ll receive notification when you’ll have instant access to the next month’s worth of information while still having the access to the previous months.  Information will be updated regularly to keep up with market trends.

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